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Organic Red Superfoods Powder


Delicious Red Superfoods at your fingertips!

Red is the New Green!

Taste the power of Canada’s most potent blend of Organic Red Superfoods fruits and vegetables. A convenient, ready-to-use superfood powder concentrate made with: Beet Roots, Pomegranates, Goji Berries, Grapeseeds, Carrots, Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries & Cranberries. Natural food-source antioxidants

  • Protects

  • Heals

  • Energizes

  • Restores

Contains NO soy, dairy, eggs, gluten, flavours, colours, preservatives, sweeteners, GMO ingredients or fillers. 100 % vegan. This instant, ready-to-use powder is the perfect addition to smoothies, sauces and homemade energy bars! Delicious and quick to dissolve

“Taste great!. I drink it in water first thing in the morning or make a version of healthy jello with honey and gelatin powder. Easy delicious dessert!” Diane


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