Essential Oil Crystals


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Fragrant Crystals: (600gm jar)

Angle Wings Rose, Patchouli, Geranium  Promotes Relaxation & Sleep
Cranberry Vanilla (Aroma - Middle Note  Sweet Fragrance-  a Mood Up Lifter & Happiness Booster)
Jasmine (Aroma - Sweet Floral, Woodsy- a Mood Up Lifter that also Boost Confidence, Relieves Stress/ Depression /Anxiety & is an Aphrodisiac!

"I just LOVE Angle Wings. I feel so relaxed and sleep like a baby when I diffuse it in my bedroom."
"People always compliment on how nice my house smell when I use the Jasmine crystals."
"I am a customer for life! The Cranberry Vanilla energizes me and leaves me feeling like I just got a warm hug."

Crystals - Nice and easy! Add 2  tsps. in glass dish - Does not stick, melt or burn.  Simple to use 

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Oil Crystals

Angle Wings, Cranberry Vanilla, Jasmin


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