Firma Medical Compression Socks


Firma Medical Compression Socks

Do you have circulation issues in your feet and lower leg area? FIRMA Energywear Circulation Socks can help! FIRMA products are made with a special fabric that contains active biocrystals at the core of every thread, which provide benefits that ‘normal’ fabrics do not. These benefits include increased micro-circulation, better thermoregulation, and even muscle recovery! With a light compression effect, FIRMA’s socks toe the line between function and fashion. 

Made with FIRMA’s far-infrared fabric that stimulates your blood circulation and lymphatic system naturally and can provide better health, wellness, and comfort.

The Small size features a foot that fits up to a woman’s size 7 (men’s 6) and fits someone up to 5’8″ tall.

The Medium size also features a foot that fits up to a woman’s size 10 (men’s 9) and fits someone up to 6′ tall

The Large size features a foot that fits a women’s 11 or larger (men’s 10+) and has enough length for those taller than 6′ tall.

Additional information


Beige, Black


L, M, S


15-20 mmHg, 20-30 mmHg


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