Morning Rise & Shine – For Your Body’s pH


Morning Rise & Shine! Optimize Your Body's pH!

Alkalizes – Cleanses – Energizes

This Mineral Enhanced, Organic Lemon and Aloe Drink gently balances internal body pH and promotes an alkaline system creating the optimal environment for overall good health.

The cleansing power of the lemon is legendary; this fruit has been used for centuries to naturally clean both externally and internally. The Morning Rise & Shine drink is made with 72% natural lemon juice powder concentrates. This drink when taken ever morning can assist your body to naturally release harmful acidic impurities and other toxic build-up that retard metabolism and add weight to the abdominal area.

Aloe Vera:
The superior-quality organic aloe vera 200:1 extract powder used in the Morning Rise & Shine drink supports the cleansing process, reduces inflammation and helps to heal ulcers and the lining of the digestive tract. Aloe is know to support normal cell growth, and is used by many cultures as a general overall tonic.

The “Morning Rise & Shine” drink is specially designed to provide the rare and valuable 80 trace minerals and the nutritionally important alkaline minerals including: calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. An abundance of minerals in the tissues and cells of the body promotes cellular detoxification, improves pH balance and helps to restore the body to its natural alkaline state.

Recent studies have shown that maintaining a balanced internal pH:

v  Reduces inflammation

v  Prevents degenerative disease

v  Promotes bone health

v  Increases energy & mobility

v  Helps with weight loss

Morning Rise & Shine Detoxifies and Rejuvenates Cells and organs. It improves digestion, boosts athletic endurance and sharpens mental acuity.

“This makes me feel energized & purified – a total body-mind boost!”

“It tastes fresh and healthy; lovely to sip first thing in the day.”

“It’s quick, easy & delicious!”