Hydrating Skin Care Kit


Hydrating Skin Kit

These 5 Amazing Products will have You looking like a more Radiant & Youthful you!

Konjac Sponge

This facial sponge is gentle enough for the skin on your face, but it also works wonderfully on the rest of your body.  Use it on areas that tend to accumulate patches of rough, dry skin like your knees and elbows.  By gently exfoliating your whole body, you will stimulate all of the receptors in your skin giving you a tingling and invigorating spa like experience.  

OxyLift Clean- Foaming Coconut Face Wash

This Light-As-Air Foam Gently & Deeply Cleanses all types of Skin. This Cleanser Contains No Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, & is Soap Free so it will not strip your skin. Your Skin will feel Fresh and Hydrated! 210ml

OxyLift Eye/Lip Serum

Designed to Tighten and Brighten the eye area, Plus fill in the line over the lips. It contains Stem Cells, Peptides & Retinol in a base of Organic Plant Extracts. This light as air Serum Wakes up the eye area giving it an INSTANT LIFT! (2 X 7ml)

FIRM Serum Oil-  #1  BEST SELLER

This Serum is 100% Natural. It Firms, Strengthens and Gives Elasticity. Improves skin’s Moisture IMMEDIATELY! Fast Absorbing & Gives Skin a Healthy, Alluring Glow.  30ml

FREE Satin Pillow Case

Prevent wrinkles and lines, No More Hot head Or Bed Head! Our amazing Satin Pillow Cases are Softer & Smoother than even the most expensive Egyptian Cotton. Reg 20.00