Hydra Mist – Anti Aging Mineral Mist


Trace minerals and Essential Oils that Plump up Tired Thirsty Skin IMMEDIATELY! No alcohol. Great for after a workout or hot flashes – Sets make-up too.



Hydra Mist Anti Aging Spray contains 72 Trace Minerals and Natural Aromatherapy that Instantly Freshen and Moisturize your skin. It is a water based product so moisture is easily absorbed into thirsty skin.

One of the key factors in erasing wrinkles and preventing your skin from aging is keeping the skin hydrated.  This Anti Aging Toner hydrates your skin and the cool spritz will instantly refresh you.

Toners contain alcohol and other harsh ingredients that will dry out your skin and can even cause your skin to produce excess oil to compensate for the oil being completely stripped off of your skin.  The Ylang Ylang Oil in this toner will help your skin’s natural oils to stay balanced.

Hydra Mist is a naturally soothing toner that can be used on all skin types.  The Rose and Citrus Extracts not only smell heavenly, but they also help calm irritated skin and have anti aging properties that help tighten and firm your skin as well.

Our Anti Aging Sprits is:

  • Cool, Refreshing and Uplifting
  • Re-energizes Skin
  • Instant Energy Boost!

Hydra Mist is a mineral mist that re-energizes stressed tired skin. It has 72 trace minerals and essential oils that give an uplifting relief. Mist your face throughout the day for a refreshing boost. Use first thing in the morning for an instant wake up! Hydra Mist will not interfere with your makeup in fact it will help set your makeup keeping you looking fresh throughout the day.

"I just wanted to let you know that my hair loves the Facial Rejuvenation product.I know it is for the face but I live in dry Alberta and my naturally wavy hair is in love with this stuff!" Shelley

For the best Anti Aging results

  • Use Hydra Mist after OxyLift Oxygenated Facelift System
  • Spritz your skin throughout the day to relieve hot flashes
  • Apply Hydra Mist to help cool you down after exercising

It's also a great moisturizer for your hair, keeps the frizz down on dry days! You will love It!

Anti Aging Skincare Ingredients:

Purified water, 72 trace minerals, Oils of Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Rose & Citrus extract.

This beauty product does not contain any artificial fragrance, color or chemical fillers. Contains no parabens or Petro Glycol and is mineral free. Not tested on animals