Diamond Package – 5 Anti-Aging Products


For Glowing, Vibrant and Firm Skin this kit is all you need!

OxyLift Duo - Cream and Serum: RETINOL – Most serums have only 100,000 IU, ours has 200,000 IU designed to repair damaged skin -   Plumps Wrinkles & Adds Youthful Volume to the Face.
PEPTIDES – These peptides act as a signal to tell your skin to make New Collagen, Reducing Winkles,  Firming & Toning giving a Younger Appearance. Effective ingredients in an organic base of MSM which gives Deep Moisture, reducing wrinkles while repairing and nourishing.

Eye/Lip Serum - Reduces bags and Crows Feet
Clean - Gently and deeply cleans the skin but doesn't strip it. No nasty SLS!
2 Queen Satin Pillowcases- 3 Reasons to Switch to Satin: 1-Prevents Wrinkles and Lines 2-Saves Your Hair Style 3- No More Hot Head