Digestive Enzymes – Helps you Lose Weight!


Say Goodbye to Bloating & Gas and Lose Weight!

Digestive Enzymes are Your Belly's Best Friend!

  • Do you suffer from Gas, Heartburn or Bloating?
  • Are you Tired After Meals?
  • Do you take vitamins and feel no effect?
  • Do you have a hard time digesting Protein, Fat or Milk?
  • Do Even Healthy Meals leave you Uncomfortable?
  • Do you find it Hard to Satisfy your Appetite?

Enzyme supplements help digest your meals more efficiently, so your body doesn’t have to work so hard. You’ll have more energy, without the bloating & gas.

Our Bioactive Super Enzymes are different because each batch is tested, to ensure Enzymatic Activity. They are also Stable, which means that they survive the trip through the stomach’s acid, until they are needed for digestion in the intestines.

OxyLift Super Enzymes are completely derived from plants. OxyLift Super Enzymes aren’t called “Super” for nothing – one is all you’ll need 2 x’s a day. Your body will Absorb the Nutrients in your meals and vitamin tablets, so your Appetite will be Satisfied, and you are likely to Eat Less & Lose Weight.

Each capsule contains 100% Pure Plant Enzymes to Help you Digest:

Protein: Protease Powder 12,500HUT, Acid Stable Protease Powder 100SAP Carbohydrates: Amylase Powder 2,500DU Fats: Lipase Powder 750FIP Fibre: Cellulase Powder 500CU Milk sugar: Lactase Powder 200 ALU in a base of Papain and Bromelain Take 1 capsule before 2 meals daily.


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Digestive Enzymes

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