Digestive Enzymes – Helps you Lose Weight!


Try our Super Slimming Digestive Enzymes for 1 week and Feel the Difference!


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Say Goodbye to Bloating & Gas and Lose Weight!

Avoid the 3 B’s – Burping, Belching & Bloating- if you want to lose weight try these fantastic Digestive Enzymes for one week and you’ll feel great and see the amazing slimming benefits!

  • Do you suffer from gas, heartburn or bloating?
  • Are you tired after meals?
  • Do you take vitamins and feel no effect?
  • Do you have a hard time digesting protein or milk?
  • Do even healthy meals leave you uncomfortable?
  • Do you find it hard to satisfy your appetite?

Digestive Enzymes are a Belly's Best Friend!

Here is an easy way for you to be free of bloating, gas and heartburn, feel healthier and have more energy. The Fresh Start Program along with our Digestive Enzymes will help you lose weight and feel fit. Our bodies are made to digest the food that we eat, but if we are not producing the proper digestive enzymes necessary for digestion then our bodies are unable to break down our food properly. Our food sits in our system without being absorbed as it should be, thereby causing discomfort such as excess gas and bloating. If your food is not being broken down and absorbed, it can lead to unnecessary weight gain. Taking digestive enzymes will not only make you feel better they can help you to lose weight. If you are not getting all the necessary digestive enzymes from your daily diet then here is an easy solution. We can provide you with our Digestive Enzymes that contain up to 70 naturally occurring minerals, trace elements, amino acids and vitamins. Feel Great and Lose Weight! By taking one capsule before a meal twice a day you will begin to feel the difference. Your body will be able to break down the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber and lactose in your diet much more effectively than before. Without all of the gas and bloating you should see immediate slimming of your belly, which will make you look fabulous and feel even better. You will have more energy to do the things that you love.

Each capsule contains 100% Pure Plant Enzymes to Help you Digest:

Protein: Protease Powder 12,500HUT, Acid Stable Protease Powder 100SAP Carbohydrates: Amylase Powder 2,500DU Fats: Lipase Powder 750FIP Fibre: Cellulase Powder 500CU Milk sugar: Lactase Powder 200 ALU in a base of Papain and Bromelain Take 1 capsule before 2 meals daily.


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Digestive Enzymes

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