201 Fat-Burning Recipes Book


• Easy, Da’Licious & Healthy Recipes
• Calories & Fat Grams on Each Recipe


Easy, delicious and healthy fat-burning favorites

201 mouth-watering, fat-burning recipes that will help you lose weight.

Cathi Graham struggled with her weight for years until her doctor told her that she was morbidly obese. At that point she realized that something had to change. She was able to make a change for the better and now you can too.

This recipe book was created as part of the Fresh Start Program, but it can be used by anyone looking to improve their health by incorporating healthier foods into their diet.

Who said healthy food had to be boring?

These are some of Cathi Graham’s all time favorites! Eat and enjoy!

Cathi has put together a collection of over 200 fat-burning recipes that helped her to successfully lose 186 pounds and to maintain her figure for the past twenty years and counting. These recipes are a wonderful alternative to dieting and the result of following these simple recipes is a healthier, slimmer you!

Some of the fat-burning recipes included in this recipe book are:

  • lasagne
  • eggplant parmigiana
  • curry vegetables
  • tamale pie
  • shish kebabs
  • tofu cheesecake
  • strawberry cheesecake topping
  • and many more (194 to be exact!)
  • Calories & Fat grams are clearly printed on each recipe

As you can see from this short list of recipes featured in this book there are a variety of foods to choose from. Because Cathi’s Fresh Start Program is not a diet, but rather a healthy lifestyle, her recipes do not cut out foods and deprive you of eating the foods that you love.

Cathi’s philosophy is to increase the amount of “fat-burning foods” that are proven to burn fat, and in turn help you lose weight. Some of the “fat-burning foods” may be high in carbohydrates, but are rich in fiber and low fat. By incorporating these foods into your diet you will find it becomes easy to lose weight and to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle.

If you have already tried the recipes in this cookbook and are looking for even more recipes to add to your fat-burning menus, then you will be please to know that Cathi has released her second recipe book called “201 MORE Fat-Burning Recipes” that you can order here.