Firma High Rise Leggings


Firma Energywear Contour Leggings

Where Health Meets Fashion!!

Stimulate Blood flow & Reduce Aches & Pains

Our Leggings come with these amazing benefits:

  • Reduces “Muffin Top”
  • Anti-Cellulite Benefits
  • Slimming Effect
  • Lose Inches at Waist, Hips & Thighs
  • Soft, Comfortable & Shaping

How can Leggings have a lasting slimming effect?

When you wear our comfortable leggings you will notice that the slimming effect continues once you take the leggings off. This is because there are bioactive crystals actually woven into the material that increase your circulation and blood flow. These crystals absorb your body heat and then turn into Far-Infra-Red Rays (FIR). This heat activation process causes your fat cells to turn into energy thereby reducing the amount of fat cells in your body. These amazing compression garments can increase your metabolism and the amount of blood flowing to your skin. This technology helps to reduce swelling and cellulite on your hips, legs and thighs, leaving your skin feeling smoother than ever. All of this is actively going on in your skin just by wearing these spectacular leggings.

Spice up your style with Firma Energywear Leggings!

Firma Energywear Leggings are perfect for adding to any outfit. The latest fashion trends are all about wearing leggings under dresses, skirts or long sweaters. Wear our slimming leggings under a tight dress and you’ll notice that your hips, thighs and belly look amazing. Our leggings also look great when worn with flats, heels or boots. However you wear them our leggings will make you look great and feel even better! Chose from two different colors, black or brown to match with most of your existing wardrobe. If you love the leggings try our other active clothing items like the Firma Energywear Circulation Socks, the Long Sleeve Mock Neck and the Invisible Tank. You will be amazed with how well compression garments work for you. Unlimited Washings

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Beige, Black, Blue, Chocolate, Dark Grey, Green, Latte, Navy, White, Wine


L, M, S, XL, XS, XXL


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