Raising Your Metabolism Weight Loss DVD


• Foods & Drinks that Rev Up Your Metabolism and Help You Lose Weight


Discover foods & drinks that rev up your metabolism and help you lose weight!

Imagine drinks that rev up the metabolism, foods that burn or flush fat out of the body and foods that aid arthritis, diabetes, cancer, anti-aging and so much more! The foods and drinks in this weight loss DVD have helped people free themselves from the diet mentality. They find health, happiness and peace of mind in their weight loss journey.

This fabulous weight loss DVD will help you lose weight and keep the weight off.  In this DVD Cathi Graham introduces a variety of fat-burning foods that helped her successfully lose weight and maintain her desired weight.

Why it's hard to lose weight while dieting

One problem with most diets is that people are left feeling hungry and unsatisfied.  When you deprive yourself of good tasting foods you are more likely to quit the diet and give into cravings or binge on unhealthy junk food and then promptly start another diet that might last a few more days before the next binging session.  This is why dieting doesn’t work!

Taking diet pills and yo-yo dieting may result in losing a few pounds temporarily, but usually people gain the weight right back after completing the diet.

The secret lies within this weight loss DVD

Cathi found in her experience that by choosing great tasting, natural  foods that are  full of health benefits she could feel satisfied and still lose weight.

In addition to Cathi’s secret food combinations she also shares her easy fat-burning activities that helped her to raise her metabolism thermostat, and it can help you too!

Cathi’s weight loss DVD will explain why certain weight loss foods actually do work, and they taste good too!  After trying the healthy foods that Cathi discovered you will feel satisfied and will be free of your cravings for junk food and free from the rollercoaster ride of dieting.

Cathi Graham’s experience is the proof that this weight loss program works!

By following her own suggestions in this DVD, it only took 18 months for Cathi to lose 186 pounds! Not only did she initially lose the weight in close to record breaking time, she has successfully kept the weight off for over 2 decades!

After experiencing such life changing results in her own experience, Cathi wants to share the secret of how she got her life back with you!