Natural Konjac Face Sponge



Natural Konjac Face and Body Sponge: A natural sponge made from Konjac roots,
a natural vegetable fiber with an extra fine texture.

  • Deeply cleanses pores & eliminates blackheads
  • Kills acne & pimple-causing bacteria
  • Gently exfoliates and removes dead skin to bring out a natural glow
  • Balances the pH of your skin
  • Removes makeup and environmental residue
  • Ideal for all skin - even the sensitive skin of a baby!

The natural Konjac Facial Sponge is a powerful anti aging tool that gives your skin a youthful softness and appearance.

In order to make your skin appear young and fresh the first step is to remove any dry, old skin cells.  Once you remove the dead skin cells, your skin will replenish itself with new skin cells.  Using our natural Konjac Facial Sponge enhances the skin renewal process.  Increase your skin’s vitality with this fabulous natural skin care product.

Use the Konjac Facial Sponge with or without a cleanser for softer, more beautiful skin.  This facial sponge works great with our other OxyLift products like OxyLift Clean.

A natural skincare product for your entire body

This facial sponge is gentle enough for the skin on your face, but it also works wonderfully on the rest of your body.  Use it on areas that tend to accumulate patches of rough, dry skin like your knees and elbows.  By gently exfoliating your whole body, you will stimulate all of the receptors in your skin giving you a tingling and invigorating spa like experience.  Nothing is a renewing and refreshing as a full body scrub with this Konjac sponge.

Feel good about using this all-natural skincare product!

This amazing sponge is environmentally friendly, bio-degradable and 100% natural with no preservatives, additives or coloring.  Knowing that this sponge is a skincare product that is good for you and doesn’t harm the environment makes it that much more worth it!