Innodrain Liver Drops


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You think your busy? Your liver has over 500 things to do today!

Detox Your Liver for Healthy & Weight Loss


  • Reduces the release of Glucose
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Aids In Fast Loss of Stubborn Belly Fat
  • A Healthy Liver Staves Off Disease
  • Unblocks the Liver for Efficient Blood Flow
  • Helps to Lower Blood Pressure

Typical signs of a sluggish liver: 

  • Fat around your Belly
  • Saggy, Dull Looking Skin
  • Tiredness/Weakness
  • Water Retention

Active Ingredients & Benefits

Artichoke leaf: Artichoke is beneficial for the treatment of high cholesterol. Has a strong antioxidant power. Stimulates bile secretion and elimination of bile. Facilitates renal and urinary excretion, fights against constipation. Dandelion root: Helps with digestive disorders, improves liver and urinary functions. Barberry thorn back: Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory. Therapeutic on the heart and liver. Chromium: It regulates the secretion of pancreatic insulin.

“I took the Liver Detox and I lost 64lbs in just 6 months! I was 235lb and now I’m 171lbs. It’s so simple to use. It cuts the appetite… It’s the best I’ve tried and I simply love it!” Robert B


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