Firma Quarter Zip Sweater


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Where Health Meets Fashion
The Most Advanced Textile Technology that Makes
You Feel Healthier and Look Slimmer!

The Quarter Zip Sweater features our newest color and fabric style in heather purple! Perfect for the winter months or as a summer sweater for cooler nights, the FIRMA Quarter Zip Sweater is an elegant garment that keeps you energized and cozy no matter the weather!

 FIRMA ENERGYWEAR is the World’s Most Technologically Advanced Fiber that contains BioActive Crystals which improve circulation by 92%! It’s so effective that is licensed as a Medical Compression Garment. The BioActive Crystals are embedded into the material to Increase Oxygen to the Skin and Muscle Tissue resulting in:

  • Increased Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage
  • Reduced Pain & Swelling
  • Regulated Temperature
  • Improved Comfort & Mobility
  • Accelerated Athletic Recovery
  • Instant Slimming Effects
  • Anti-Cellulite – Reduces the Appearance of Cellulite
  • Reduces “Muffin Top”

Studies showed:

  • 11%  Improvement in skin smoothness
  • 6-14% Increase in Collagen Synthesis
  • 8% Increase in skin Elasticity
  • 92% Higher blood microcirculation
  • 33% Lower lactic acid accumulation

In one study people who wore the garments for 30 days lost 5 – 15cm without changing anything else!

 Treat Your Body with 100% Breathable, Luxurious Clothes that Heal Plus You Look and Feel Fabulous!

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Heather Purple


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