Enjoy Christmas – Weight Loss Classes


Here’s my promise:  If at the end of the first week, you aren’t satisfied for whatever reason, I will refund you your money.  It’s that simple….guaranteed.

How to NOT Gain Christmas Weight & Still Enjoy the Holidays!
Special Weight Loss Classes!

Week 1 – How to NOT Gain Christmas Weight (and still Enjoy it)     Dec 8

Getting through the holidays can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. You can have your cake & eat it too with these tips. People gain an average of 2-4lbs over the holidays. The majority of people never lose that weight and, for those that do, it was slow and frustrating. Research states it can take up to 5 months! Find out how to keep your weight down & still enjoy the holidays so you can start the New Year feeling Great!!

Week 2
Healthy Christmas Foods/Treats – Skimp on Calories but not on the Spirit – no Food Coma! Dec 15

Lots of quick, easy Christmas recipes - Comforting ONE pot meals & casseroles that will make you look like Top Chef Canada such as a “Makeover Lasagna,” “Yummy Healthy Cabbage Roll Casserole,” “Sheet Pan Lemon Chicken – Zero Cleanup!” and treats like “Gingerbread Loaf” and “5 Minute Dark Chocolate Tahini Bark” Yummmmmy!

Plus, a sprinkle of Christmas Beauty Tips to keep You Glowing through the holidays.

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